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"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls - they give us hope."

- Tony Robbins


Mission Statement

At HOPE we are dedicated to the following goals:

  • The rescue of lost and abandoned animals in our community.

  • Providing food, shelter and vet care to those in need.

  • Promoting spay and neutering to end the suffering of overpopulation and unwanted animals.

  • Adoption of healthy animals back into loving homes.

The Story of HOPE

Horses of Pamlico Etc. (HOPE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue located in Reelsboro, NC.


 HOPE was founded by Sharon Vandiford in 2016. The story Sharon shares about the day that HOPE began is haunting yet triumphant in that it carries the goodness of humans, the responsibility and connection we have to everything around us and the ultimate power of having hope.


"I started this organization out of a desire to create better lives for 14 horses in Craven County. These horses were under investigation thru Craven/Pamlico Animal Services. The animal control investigator asked me to go with her to the premises where these animals were kept. I agreed, and my life changed forever.

These 14 poor souls were heartbreaking, and I knew when I laid eyes on them that it was about to get real and fast. Their eyes told a story of pain and suffering no animal should have to go through. As I walked the property, a mare who was alone, hidden by the tall weeds and brush walked up to me and I promised her that this suffering would end. She had lost all hope.


She was deciding whether to keeping fighting to live or just give up. We gave each other hope that day and HOPE for the other 13 lives on that property. 

The next day the owner called animal control and surrender all 14 to me. Within 2 weeks we loaded up 14 sad neglected starved horses and brought them home to start their new chapter July 2016.

If we had room for 100 there would be a hundred at our location. The intake is a lot quicker than the adoption. The numbers are overwhelming. We work closely with Animal Control in Pamlico, Craven, and Carteret county.  We strive to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome animals in need and educate so abuse and neglect will not happen again

Even though we are a small group, the will to continue the fight is strong and we will continue to give hope and a voice to animals in need." 


                                                                                                                                                                         - Sharon Vandiford

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