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Sponsorship is Rewarding


Sponsoring a horse is a unique opportunity to make a difference by directly helping one of our horses. Your generous donation will help provide for board, medical treatment, rehabilitation, training and other costs that are directly associated with the care of your sponsored horse.  Sponsorship's range from $60.00- $120.00 depending on the care requirements for each horse.  You can also co-sponsor a horse if you would like. Just contact us with a horse you are interested in sponsoring.

  Sponsor a Horse and Join the Herd!

Why Sponsor?

By becoming a sponsor, you can direct your donation dollars towards the care and feeding of a specific companion horse of your choosing.

Sponsorship Program

Our sponsorship program is for people who want to become more involved in a horse's life and help us continue our rescue efforts. 

The majority of the rescued horses are in need of special care, from extra feed and supplements to extra veterinary care and special farrier services.  Maintaining and caring for these horses is a very time consuming and expensive endeavor.  Most spend months at the farm so we can be sure their physical health condition is managed and, in the case of mental and training problems (sometimes stemming from being in abusive or uneducated hands) many can be rehabilitated and live a normal and happy life.

Each day we come across new cases and would love to rescue more horses in need, but we need your support! We take sponsors seriously, so we ask that once you decide to become a sponsor, you take your commitment seriously. 


Christopher is in his early 30's and he is a lifer at HOPE. He is a companion to his son who is completely blind. Christopher has PPID and requires medication to keep his symptoms at bay.  We are currently looking for sponsorship for him

Here at HOPE we have several special needs horses. Saunders is a mid 20's gelding that is completely blind. He relies on his father Christopher.


Merlin is our most senior horse here at HOPE and one we actually know how old he is. 2020 brings Merlin to his 41st birthday.  Yes that is right he is 41.  He does not have any special needs other than his food requirements.. Since he doesn't have any teeth left he cannot eat hay and is fed senior pellets.  And a lot of it!

This beauty is Liberty.  She is another senior at HOPE and is a lifetime resident.  She is in her late 20's and other than her food she doesn't have any special requirements. She is a sweet girl.


Little Summer is the second horse here at HOPE That has made it into her 40"s.  Happy 40th Birthday sweet girl! Summer does not have any special requirements other than her feed.

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