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Wish List

If you would like to donate to any future or current vet care, please contact Eastern Equine Associates




*Walmart gift cards

*Tractor Supply gift cards

*Lowes gift cards


For the Horses

*Wormers (Quest plus, Ivermcetin, Safe Guard, Panacur)

*ANY Senior Feed 

*Alfalfa/Timothy pellets or cubes

*Salt blocks (big or small)


*Anyone who would like to make a donation for our feed bill can donate to our  vendor Free Spirit Ranch

Tammy Dail

P.o. Box 133

Stonewall NC, 28583


*Vet Wrap

*Triple antibiotic ointment


*Equine probiotics

*Equine electrolytes

*Lead ropes

*Rope halters

*Breakaway halters

*Fly spray

*Swat fly ointment

*Horse liniment

*Hoof picks w brush 

*Horse brushes and combs

*U/V rated fly masks

*Horse shampoo

For the Barns


*Scotch guard (anything that will safely weather proof horse blankets etc.)

*Horse bedding

*Manure forks

*Manure shovels

*Rakes (leaf and metal)

*Whisk Brooms

*Wheel barrow (New or used)

*5 gallon flat backed buckets

*1 gallon flat back buckets(for mixing feed)

*60 ft round pen new or used

*We have a barn that needs a new roof. If you would like to donate to that project, please reach out to Sharon 

For the Pastures

*No climb horse fence

*Field (cow) fence

*12 gauge Electric fence

*6ft green T posts

*High joule fence charger (solar or electric)

*Grass seed (Rye for winter seeding and endophyte free fescue for over seeding in the spring)

If you have any questions about anything on this list, please feel free to contact Sharon 252-474-7838 

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